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Monday, February 7, 2011  Most popular site all over the world. You will be highly benefited from it. You can show your friendly social states, automatically feed your blog to tweeter, Facebook, Google buzz and more.So, Sign up Now!!!

Step-1 Visit home page. Create account, put your email address & Password, then click on sign up button.

Step-2: add your feed.
Enter your blog or feed URL into the box & check “most recent item now”

Step-3: Choose your destination.
Where you want to deliver your feed URL

Step-4:  If you select Twitter destination. An application would like to connect to your account. Click Allow button.

Step-5: You will see you tweet item in the following, go to twitter account to see your tweet.



Mrs. E said...

Hi, I'm following you from Blog Frog. I'll be sure to read more of your tips. :)
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Oerang Boegist said...

nice aricles...!!!

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chardyboy said...

hi...thnks for this

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ajey said...

thanks for sharing. another same applications is

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Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Nice, thanks. I didn't know about this. Time for me to sign up! :)

aj said...

nice info dude.. here comes another way to populate my social sites with my feeds.. >:)

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