Best Twitter tools for scheduling Twitter updates

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There are many web tools and applications work with Twitter, but all are not equal. I’ve tried few for scheduling Twitter updates and listed the best ones here. Lets   take a quick look at  some features they offer.

1. Twuffer: OMG, It’s a Twitter Buffer!

Twuffer is a web based application that allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their releases. It helps you to sign in with twitter. You can use it to post immediately, but that is not the main intention and benefit of the application. It’s not used for reading tweets but for creating, and tracking your post dated ones.

I bet that you’ll invent creative uses for Twuffer. Here are a few of them :

  • Tweet pre-written announcements
  • Appointment  reminders 
  • Run a time-based scavenger hunt 
  • Appear to never sleep

2. Hootsuite: Social media dashboard 

Hootsuite is one of the most popular services and has been mentioned all over the web, including their web-based original, mobile apps. Fire-fox & crome add-ons, allow you to schedule to TwitterFacebook , LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, and Foursquare,  all with the power to schedule updates. It has attractive themes. The most attractive thing of this app is its social media dashboard where you can handle your Twitter message, mentions, and timeline.

3. twAitter : Manage multiple account

twAitter (soon to be renamed as Gremln) allow you to sign in with Twitter. It is another service for tweeting your schedule tweet to Twitter & let you to post Facebook, It is just one step above a basic scheduling application since they also offer a feed manager, URL shortening (using and the ability to translate your tweets into another language with the simple click of a button.

twAitter Heads up the following characteristics:
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts through one log in.
  • Grant access to your account to other TwAitter users.
  • See profiles, mentions & timeline all of your accounts.
  • Log in and out of different accounts with a single click.


Allie said...

I use Hootsuite and LOVE IT! It is very easy to use and has so many helpful tools like scheduling tweets, as you mentioned, follow many feeds with up to 10 streams for each feed and their costumer service is great. With the paid version you can bulk schedule tweets, bonus! There is more, just too much to list. These are what id important to me. :-)

Have an awesome day!
Ramblings of a WAHM

(Just visiting from Blog Frog: RWAHM forum)

The Esthetician said...

I look forward to using these. Never knew they existed. Thanks.

delirious jellybean said...

Twuffer rocks for a really lousy laptop like mine but if you're really into social networking, Hootsuite takes the loot! :) Haven't tried twAitter yet! Thanks for the share, Ryan! :)

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Yes, this is really new to me too, I will try this. I am here via Mrs E, Thanks for sharing
best, I am following

BlueHead said...

Nice tips for auto tweting skylinkseo

Jill Wellington said...

Lots of great tips on your blog, Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Ryan this is a great list you have complied.

Bewildered Bug said...

These are pretty awesome looking sites - will definitely check it out - would be sorta cool to "never sleep" Imagine the things I can get done! :)

Kent said...

You know of the three that you have mentioned, the one I like most is Twiends for it allows me to bulk schedule my tweets... looking forward for more of your lists.^^

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Someone recommended TweetDeck - anyone of you ever use it?

Gwama Terri said...

I've never considered scheduling tweets but it sounds like a great idea to me.

edetnjackie said...

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Softech Guru said...

Grat tool, can't wait to use this. thanks a lot for sharing..

Ms. Positivity said...

Oh wow! I have been wondering what other have been using these days. This actually gives me some insight on how they are supposed to work and how to use them. I think that I will choose Hootsuite. It seems to be the most beneficial so I thank you for blogging about this. Your great!

cookingvarieties said...

hi ryan, you have got very interesting comments here. the twitter post is very useful. unfortunately, as at now, i cant open my twitter account cos i forgot my password. when i renew, it is still a problem, when it should be ok.
i cant tweet !!

FaLanYa said...

Hi Ryan!
So informative! I'll be checking out a couple of your recommendations and I am now following your blog and on twitter!

Jeun Chi Rei ki said...

It's something what i must to try..
Thanks for your recommendations...

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ankita said...

hey it's a really gr8 info :) .. Thanks for sharing ..

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I am using hootsuite and I dont see a slight difference in paying for their $5 subscription to the free one.. unless I am missing something..
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UK Digital Printers said...

I will try that twitter buffer! looks good!

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VisionBlast said...

well... so far i use tweetdeck, should try this Ryan... thx

Dave Keller said...

Thanks Ryan! I'm fairly new to being an active blogger, and I'm enjoying it greatly. I will try the Twuffer site. Does it allow a tweet to automatically go out to people who follow you? Does twitter allow that? It would be nice if it did, but then the personal one on one contact is good too. Thanks for helping newbies like myself.


Ekkem said...

wow this is really helpful since im starting to use twitter nowadays, im interested of that twuffer, thx btw :)

Aschatria Xyana said...

I was hugely disappointed by HootSuite but other two look promising.

Why not Hoot Suite?

Because interface is horridly slow for slower connections and adding my accounts lasts for ever.

Also, I believe that monthly fee is to big.

For the same money accumulated you can buy much better apps and enjoy upgrades and features "4ever".

Cool blog. Looking forward to your next post to wreck it apart. :)))


Catty said...

hi,thanks for your vote

Gillette said...

I'm currently using HootSuite and it's really wonderful! I love this App! Actually I've seen celebs in Twitter that are also using this app! I haven't tried Twuffer and twAitter because HootSuite is working perfectly for me!

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