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Monday, January 31, 2011

Engage your readers, increase your page viewers.
BlogFrog is such a site where you can communicate with one-another. So, connect yourself in the flood of people to enhance your ideas and outlook. Dear reader, here you will get a chance to learn how to add a Blogfrog button on your blog.

Visit ,Log in and go your profile page, click the widget button at the top of your profile page then you will get a link at the right HTML Buttons click on it.

Getting HTML Buttons. Follow the step one- personalize your button. Pick an image for your blog, pick any one which you like  then step two- add button to your blog, copy & paste button code on your blog.

Are you seeing the code in the box? It’s a result of your clicking over an image. Now copy it.

Go to your blog’s Dashboard, click on design. Then you will get like the following design page click again Add a Gadget.

Click the HTML/JavaScript for finding your box where you have to paste your code.

Configure HTML/JavaScript. Fill out the Title as shown below, then paste your copied code into the content box & save it.
Now add your gadget  by URL, enter your URL for a gadget that you want to add to your blog and hit add by own.After doing this job go your blog,you will see a button of Blogfrog. It's done my friend.


Gail said...

Following you as GN on your blog.

Zool Blogger said...

Is it really work to bring traffic?

ravali said...

will it really works,ryan??

Mike said...

Great, finally found a good tip for adding badge of blogfront on blog! Can you please also upload a guide on how to add to your blog a unique comment system?
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Kurchi said...

really a great blog ..highly infrmative..pls visit my blog 2.happy blogging

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