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Friday, January 21, 2011

Networking is a great part of being a blogger, that is a fact, every blogger knows. A great part of our traffic comes from networking. In this tutorial, you will learn How to connect your blog on

So, you can review other people blogs and add friends and follow people and blogs, but you can also vote for other blogs and bloggers. So your goal is to interact with bloggers and promote your blog here in hope of getting your blog highly followed with a good rating from the reviews, which can get you a fair number of visitors to your blog.

After creating your account & blog, you should need to connect it to Click on the “Connect your Blog!” button.

Simply to say, what you are looking in the following page. Which called Dashboard. Fill it, in accordance to the hints. Title- your blog title goes here, it must be within 60 characters. Site URL- Type your domain or URL(Exam: Tags- you have to write here a word in each boxes what is related with your blog. It will allow characters a-z, A-Z. Description- Write, what type of blog you have written. Language- you have to choose language as to your blog. At last click Connect Blog button.

Dear reader, such type of page will come before your eyes. Click  “Manage Blogs”  if  there any problem in your blog or “Add another” button for adding one more blog. Do according your choice.

Your blog published within 24 to 48 hours after admin approval by bloggers stuff your blog will be displayed like the followings.


Demonstoned said...

Nice post Ryan,
and thanks for the comments at
I added you as friend both here and at bloggers :)

Dri said...

your posts are awesome!

topmusic said...

very good article
thats very useful..

hi from mas raden

air said...

hi, im following you also here hope you do the same and have a review of mine also...

air said...

hi why can't I see the screen shot of my blog on blogger?

Success said...

Very informative blog with good tips and advice. Thanks!

Hilary said...

Thanks so much for this post ... I really appreciate how helpful your blog is!

Nekky said...

Thanks for this post. I tweet, but dont know my way around the stuff. Helpful post. I will be visiting often. You've got a new follower. Please check me out

Jessa Reas said...

This blog is very informative. I just recently connected my blog to

Keep blogging!

that's life! said...

Well done, Ryan. Keep the tips coming!

Hot Recipe said...

Its very nice tips.. I love this

Hot Recipe said...

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