How to Create an account on Bloggers

Sunday, January 16, 2011

There is saying a word “You know how many people it does not matter but how many people know you it’s a great matter.” Based on this, I decide to write in order to know about myself to others. I am simple writer who want to present in simple way. I always try to write for the beginners because I was a beginner some days ago. So, my friends, let’s do boring jobs in easy mind.

Meet millions of Bloggers and know the world’s famous bloggers on
Here you will learn how to create an account on So, hurry up…..

Step-1: Sign Up for a bloggers account
Visit the Bloggers and select the orange color “Sign Up” button at the right corner. For create your bloggers account. Don’t worry! go ahead.

Step-2: Inter information to create an account.
Now you will have to do a silly job. After clicking Sign Up button, wait a bit, then you will see a page just like the following form.

Fill “input box” as per the direction. “User Name” you have to use here  valid user name. “Display Name” you will put your display name which you want to show in your profile.“E-mail Address” you have to provide here valid e-mail address, instruction will be sent there. At the end, give your Password and Re-type Password and remember it for further use this account. Click the “next” button.

Step-3.Confirm your Email Address.
Now accept the email what the Bloggers has sent you in your up putting email id. Click on the confirmation link in the email to complete your sign up.

Now opening your e-mail id you will see the following mail Bloggers Registration confirmation. Click the blue color link to complete your account.

Step 5: Your Account is Active!
After having successfully complete up-mentioned step, you'll see a screen that tells you your account is active and to look for an email confirming your login information.

Now check your account by Signing in to Bloggers.

Step-6: Overview your account.
Notice your name at the right side of your header. Hit this link and go to your profile, Friend request, dashboard, private message, you can add your avatar in your account.

Step-7: Overview your profile.
This is your profile.

Now you are happy to see it?  Say…Hurrah! we have won the game. Stay with me I will write further tips what is suit for the begginer’s.


Lauren said...

Well laid out and simple step-by-step guide on how to set up a Bloggers account. Thank you for sharing this great tip.

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